Denver's Primary Care Medical Practice & Integrative Health Center

Physicals/Wellness Exams

East West Health Centers works with patients to continuously promote better health.  One of the core aspects of this philosophy is to focus on preventative measures to improve a patient’s health status or find potential problems early, when they can be more easily treated.  This is done through thorough yearly Complete Physical Exams, Well Child Exams and Sports Physicals for adolescents. 

East West employs a full array of diagnostic screening tools that can be used in the office to provide a comprehensive physical exam.  These include an on-site lab for all blood draws, EKG, echocardiograms and other ultrasounds, BIO-Z, spirometry, audiology testing, urinalysis, balance testing, bone density testing (DEXA), as well as screening tests to evaluate mental acuity, depression and anxiety, attention deficit disorder and sleep apnea.  Our goal is to provide each patient the most thorough physical exams possible and assist them in meeting their goals of living a healthy lifestyle.  Please note that we do not perform full physicals during first time visits; we like to dedicate this time for you to meet your provider, go over medical history and any current concerns.  Some of the diagnostic screening may be done, but a full physical is not promised for your first visit.