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East-West Health Centers | Building East-West Health Centers of Denver is a large Integrative Medical Practice founded on the principles of wellness and healing, serving the Denver Metro area.

East-West Health Centers | LobbyEast-West Health Centers combines the best in evidence-based (Western) medicine with a wide range of complementary (Eastern) medical healing modalities such as chiropractic medicine (incl. spinal rehabilitation), massage and physiotherapy acupuncture, diet and nutrition, supplements, and much more. Our practice is focused on our patients’ health and wellbeing, long-term symptom relief, and helping you maximize your quality of life and longevity.


East-West health Centers - Integrative Health

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Putting You at the Center of Better Health

By seeing the patient as a whole sum of all its parts rather than isolated diseases and symptoms, we customize a dynamic, multi-faceted treatment plan to address a wide array of medical issues and improve your health and wellness. With specialized training in this unique approach, our doctors have the skills to use the latest evidence-based techniques of both traditional medical disciplines as well as proven complimentary treatments. The full range of services offered by East-West Health Centers is available under one roof, in a safe and comfortable environment. Our friendly, professional staff will make certain that every treatment plan developed has you at the center.

A New Direction in Healthcare

The prestigious National Institutes of Health has established an Office of Integrative Medicine. Medical schools are beginning to add courses on alternative modalities. Health plans are creating benefits that include an integrated medical approach to care. Large philanthropic foundations are funding research that explores the relationship between mind and body in curing sickness and maintaining wellness. The New England Journal of Medicine reports that one in three American adults relies on unconventional treatment for health problems. Within this evolving healthcare environment, East-West Health Centers offers familiar Western medical practices, plus Eastern and other complementary therapies, information, and courses that are designed to not only help treat illness but to support a healthier lifestyle as well.